Hi there! My name is Deneé Woods, and I’ll be your tour guide for this year’s Granite Arts Festival season.  

I’m not a New Hampshire native – but don’t hold it against me. Since I was a child, I’ve held strong affections for the charm of rural community life. I was born in another small town community in Northwestern Illinois. My childhood was full of community dinners, town-wide festivals, concerts in the park, and watching eagles fly and build nests along the Mississippi river.  

As adulthood came and I chose to go back to school, I found myself in New England and eventually New Hampshire. Hills were now mountains and winters longer, but much of the rural lifestyle was the same. Now a resident of the Granite State, I revel in the beauty of New Hampshire’s landscape as well as its emphasis on community life and the arts.  

As a guide, I’ll be making sure you know everything there is to know about what’s going on in our little corner of New England. Both our Facebook and Twitter pages will give daily updates about events and special news, but I’m going to add a little character and personality to the types of information we’ll be sharing. I’ll be offering personal stories about the unique opportunities our region has for artists, theatre goers, and travelers of all kinds.  

Of course, I’ll be talking about our local theatres and playhouses, but my list won’t end there. I’m going to tell you about my favorite ice cream spot and the best hiking trails for every skill level. I’ll let you in on the little bed & breakfasts TripAdvisor probably didn’t mention. I’ll even tell you where I like to take my dogs swimming at the local river. 

I’m here to show you why the White Mountain region is a must-visit place for families, couples, and solo travelers. New Hampshire is brimming with creative, diverse, and all-around enjoyable things to watch, listen to, and explore. In all my time in New England and now New Hampshire, I’ve been witness to the joy and delight a concert in the mountains can bring. Our arts and theater scenes are as special as the ephemeral flowers of a New England spring: incomparable and not to be ignored.  

I don’t plan on missing out on anything in the White Mountains this summer. With a little help from me and the rest of the Granite Arts Festival team, you won’t have to either.  

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